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We should talk. Particularly if you want to reignite your management team  -  to spur it on to transform your business. I say this because I have made it my business to enable management teams to identify, evaluate, work on and capture all the benefits that arise from an inflection point.

Now that is quite a statement for me to make. In fact, it is uncharacteristically audacious for me to make it as I have always believed in placing greater value in substance over form and knowledge over ego. But I do so now, having created both knowledge and substance in the crucible of client work. So I stand by that statement.

My name is Jai Gill and I'm the second from the left in the photograph to the right.

This picture was taken at the Australian Stock Exchange in Sydney on a pivotal day for my client, 3P Learning Limited. It was the day this young EdTech startup successfully completed an IPO and became a publicly listed company achieving a market valuation exceeding $300m for its investors.

The “word salad” below depicts the breath and depth of my professional experience set out in four main groupings:

  • Formal qualifications, employment and associations
  • Forms and stages of development of clients served
  • Topics or service areas that comprise my experience
  • Industry types and sectors of clients served

Relocating to Sydney, Australia for family and lifestyle reasons, I embarked in a new venture with my own brand, InflectionPoint. I set out to serve the same high calibre of clients I had served with KPMG.

In everything I do, I bring to bear the entirety of my education, knowledge, methodologies, tools and experience gained from solving problems for many clients. I use this, along with a strong desire to ensure each client is encouraged to find an inflection point and then to move on in a formidable way to work every factor required to realise a tremendous result.

It’s a symbiotic relationship – when my clients succeed, I succeed.


Everything I do is designed to transform a management group into a Leadership Team that has clarity of purpose, everyone on the same page with a clear strategy – all rapidly executing their way towards creating and unlocking tremendous business value.

Scaling Up | Gazelles

My relationship with Verne Harnish of Scaling Up began in 2005. As CEO of Gazelles International (as Scaling Up was then known), he appointed me the first ever Accredited Affiliate outside North America.

Verne is the founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is also the author of “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits”, “The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time” and “Scaling Up”.

He commented in his weekly newsletter to business leaders across the world:

“Best Testimonial for the Week -- and congratulations to Jai Gill, founder of InflectionPoint, our longest standing coaching partner in Australia, who shared with me a letter he received from David Cohen, a well known Australian entrepreneur and advisory board member to many successful firms. Cohen noted that in his 20 years of building, advising, and participating in the strategic planning sessions of companies, his planning session with Jai, using the One-Page Strategic Plan, was the finest he's ever experienced.”

This One-Page Strategic Plan is used along with other tools as a framework to aid development and execution of strategy.