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Incubator spin-out!

A postgraduate student at a well-known university developed a new technology as part of his dissertation.

The university incubator funded the development of this technology into a commercial offering and a start up company was born in its business park. The team developed the technology and achieved inroads into the Australian and global mining sector.

However, despite implementing the Gazelles methodology it was not getting the full benefits of this approach nor the level of growth anticipated in its strategy.

Using the InflectionPoint approach, the team immediately developed a deeper purpose for the company and where it should be in five years. Clear strategies and goals were set and a much more aligned and focussed team formed and set about achieving these goals.

With continued guidance and support, the One-Page Strategic Plan and associated practices, the international team executed its business priorities. The team became closer together creating cohesiveness and full commitment to achieving corporate goals.

Some eighteen months later, the company was acquired by a much larger international mining group.

The InflectionPoint approach was singled out as a key contributing factor to this success by the Board, incubator Investment Executive and acquiring investor representatives at the conclusion of the sale process.

Post the sale, the acquiring group continued to engage InflectionPoint for a further quarter to ensure the successful integration of the newly acquired business into the larger entity.