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We have achieved 150% growth in each of the last two years and trebled in value over that time frame. Along the way, we have developed a fantastic team, gained much respect in the market place in serving our clients and now compete against companies we would previously not have dared to cross.

Lynda Chapman, Managing Director, AVOGA

Our company was today, reborn.

Glenn Smith, Managing Director, Suretrak Global

We have made a quantum leap from a company trying to grow haphazardly to one that is fast growing in a calculated and measured manner.

Mark Kalmus, Managing Director, Southern Cross Computer Systems Pty Ltd

I have been involved in many strategic planning sessions and performance reviews over the past 20 years. None have impressed me more than those conducted by InflectionPoint and in particular, Jai Gill.

I am particularly impressed by how quickly our senior management team responded to the sessions, embraced a new approach and started shaping the business to deliver results, as rapidly as in these past two months since the Strategy Workshop.

David Cohen, Advisory Board Member, Southern Cross Computer Systems

I’m happy to say that this Gazelles One-Page Strategic Plan took our business unit from losing millions two years ago to being one of the most profitable of our 16 global regions today.

Michael Keaton, General Manager, LEGO Australia New Zealand

Certainly for our Leadership Team, the workshop provided us with our “epiphany” moments... We emerged with not only a One-Page Strategic Plan for each of our operating and corporate business units, but also with a Leadership Team that is tightly aligned, with clear goals and objectives.

The InflectionPoint workshop delivered and we are now well into executing our strategy.

Steve Dropulich, Managing Director, ENERFLEX Australasia, (a division of ENERFLEX Limited

I have been delighted with the impact the Gazelle process has delivered for our business. Jai Gill has done a terrific job. Our team is achieving more – enjoying a sense of accomplishment and most importantly, we are excited about the future.

Allan English, Managing Director, Silver Chef Limited

My leadership team and I walked away from our strategy session empowered and energized. We have clarity, we have a way forward with solid engagement at all levels, including the Board. This was truly strategic planning and change management in one.

Tony Simonsen, Chief Executive Officer, Allied Technologies Pty Ltd (a division of Allied Technologies Limited)

The workshop enabled us to prepare our Strategic Plan and we emerged as leaders who are on the same page with clarity of purpose, ready to execute a growth strategy.

We also have in InflectionPoint a team that will continue to focus and support us in executing this strategy.

Derek Campbell, Managing Director, OPEN Networks