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Key Slide

Take a walk down any commercial or business district anywhere in the World on any business day and take a good hard look at the buildings. It is guaranteed that somewhere in one of the thousands of steel, glass and concrete structures there is someone right at that moment standing in a boardroom, meeting room, project office, auditorium or training center making a business presentation with slides to set a new strategy, launch a product or initiative, educate people or to simply pitch and win new work.

Yet in all these slide packs there is always one slide that, in the final analysis, is the most valuable or critical slide in the whole pack – the slide without which the presentation lacks purpose. The Key Slide…

We focus on such a slide in communicating a perspective on important business issues for you to consider. A succinct summary of key points along with its 'hand out notes' in the form of an explanatory article.

Key Slides and the related article are emailed monthly as our eNewsletter and appear in parts of this website. To receive future editions of Key Slide, simply fill in the form on the contact page.